Monday, August 12, 2013

TNTET : TET aspirants write to CM for marks relaxation

TNTET : TET aspirants write to CM for marks relaxation

Around 900 candidates appearing for this year’s Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) wrote to Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa to grant them relaxation of marks, in Chennai on Sunday. The candidates were at the valedictory event of the training programme for the SC/ST candidates appearing for the teacher eligibility test (TNTET) 2013 organised by the State Platform for Common School System (SPCSS) in association with the Tamil Nadu Untouchability Eradication Front (TNUEF) Dr Ambedkar Education - Employment Training Centre.

Speaking at the event, former director of the Directorate of Teacher Education, Research and Training A Panneerselvam said that earning high marks for the examination could not determine whether a candidate became a good teacher or not. A person becomes a good teacher only through practice, he said.

“What good is a test which has a pass percentage of less than 1 per cent?” he said referring to the TET. He said that teaching is a combination of psychological, social and various other soft skills and goes far beyond academics and marks.

He urged the candidates to strive to be good teachers and give special attention to first generation learners. These students will find it more challenging to grasp the lessons and the teachers will have to teach them several times to get the ideas through to them. He said that teachers play a key role in moulding great personalities. Many of the greatest personalities, from Ambedkar to Abdul Kalam, hold their teachers as their greatest role models, he said.

T K Rangarajan, MP, felicitated the resource persons at the training programme. He pointed out that education standards were going down with growing commercialisation. Teachers find it hard to even clear the doubts raised by students. Going to classes without planning or preparation has become a common practice among teachers, he said.

Though meant for the SC/ST students, the training programme included teachers from other castes in a 75:25 ratio.

TNUEF stated that the classes were open for all candidates who came forward to eradicate untouchability and annihilate caste.

News Source / Sabhhar : (12th August 2013)

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