Monday, September 8, 2014

TNTET :Scrap Teachers’ Eligibility Test weightage system: PMK, DMDK

TNTET :Scrap Teachers’ Eligibility Test weightage system: PMK, DMDK

In Tamilnadu, Selection through TET marks Merit is Demanded By Protestors.
And they don't want Selection Through Weightage of TET marks.
Recently new system is adopted by Tamilnadu Govt, i.e Base of Selection = Acad Marks Weightage + TET Marks Weighatage.

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The teacher aspirants have been protesting against the weightage system introduced by the TN Teachers Recruitment Board. Apart from Teachers’ Eligibility Test (TET) scores, the evaluation method was changed to award 40 per cent weightage to plus-2, graduation and B.Ed marks. According to the protesters, the new system would give young applicants, who have not scored high marks in the TET, an edge over their older counterparts with higher TET marks.

Mr Vijayakanth urged the government to hold talks with protesting teachers to resolve the issue amicably. “The government must appoint teachers based on the marks scored in TET alone. The wieghtage system should be scrapped,” he said, demanding the state government to withhold TET exam until all graduate teachers were given appointments.

Dr S. Ramadoss noted that weightage system was not followed for recruitment of PG teachers and hence, it was unnecessary to follow this in the appointment of graduate teachers alone.

News Source : DC CORRESPONDENT | September 04, 2014, 05.09 am IST

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